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To All Members of CMA,

At Champions martial arts we have always seen each of our members as part of our family.  We do our best to make sure that in all things that we do we take into consideration the health and safety of our athletes and their families.

We have been closely monitoring the latest news surrounding the spread of COVID-19 (commonly known as the coronavirus), and responding to new information as it arises.  With the most current information we have available to us, many of our locations are continuing to offer classes and alternative instruction.

In addition to the recommendations by the CDC, WHO and local health departments we are also taking the following additional precautions:

  • Our headquarters is providing updated tools and content to allow students who are unable to come to class to continue to train at home.
  • Every location has expanded their daily cleaning and disinfecting of the location to include full cleaning between class times
  • Limiting the amount of people permitted into the location at one time. This includes asking parents and families to remain outside during class.


We would like to reassure our members that we will continue to be vigilant in the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 and only ask for your help and support during this period.  To the right of this page we have provided answers to some of the most common concerns that members have been asking.

We will continue to expand on these points as more information comes to light and will continue working tirelessly to provide the best service to our members.

We will get through this together.


Champions Martial Arts


  • Information on Classes

    All of our CMA locations are individually owned and operated. While most of our CMA locations are open, they are currently operating on a modified schedule.

    Our goal is to service our students with smaller class sizes and expanded training hours. Many facilities will run small group or private lessons by appointment only. Students that are feeling sick or unwell should not attend classes. If student shows any signs of illness the Instructors will ask them to rest at home.

    Please contact your location to get to updates regularly on this situation.

  • Other Class Changes

    As we are getting hundreds of parents asking for our CMA schools to be operational as many families need to go to work, have no child care, and want us to minimize panic in families and keep our students somewhat active through this.

    Our schools will follow the standards mandated by the state to have under 50 persons at all times. Our goal is to provide private and small group lessons limiting the group size to under 5 per session. This information may change based on the states guidelines and daily updates.

    Schools that open will run at the sole discretion of the school owner. The following will be mandatory.

    • To avoid crowding, we would like parents to remain outside of the school.
    • Parents must drop off and pickup their children.
    • Until further notice we are suspending sparring classes.
    • Our classes will be spread out as much as possible and there will be no contact.
    • Classes will be spread out further to allow disinfecting of surfaces in between class times.
  • Launching of CMA LIVE (NEW!)

    CMA is launching a new program called CMA LIVE. Through this adversity we do not want our students and families to fall behind on their training thus we are providing our online program at ZERO cost to our students.

    CMA LIVE – Masters & Instructors will be providing classes prerecorded for students to train and do exercises at home. Our library will grow as the weeks go by as top CMA school Masters/Instructors will be recording classes daily.

    Additionally individual will be hosting Live classes via Zoom, facebook, youtube and other methods. Please keep in touch with your schools directly.

    There will be a new section on CMA online ( called CMA LIVE to view these classes. As always our curriculum is provided on our online program.

  • CMA Online (Free Access!)

    As you may know CMA has been providing our online training programs and textbook for many years. Our online training program is organized by belt ranking so students can practice their forms, combination kicking, stepping, and many more.

    During this time CMA wants our students to continue their training at home so students can stay engaged and not forget their curriculum. To help with this situation our school operators have been given user access to provide free training during these hard times.

    Please contact your school owners for access to this material via Facebook, email, or by text.

  • Freezing your Membership

    There is no need to freeze you account as we are crediting memberships for students that are not in attendance due to the recent Covid19 outbreak.

    If you make monthly payments we would please ask you to avoid freezing your membership.  We will be offering online and video training for students not able to make it into class.

    Businesses closing can be devastating to small businesses and our local communities. Our Champions locations are no different. All of our Masters & Instructors deeply appreciate your support during these hard times. Your support through this will not be forgotten and after this virus passes we will show our appreciation to our fullest extent.

    We appreciate you being a part of our Taekwondo family and we look forward to making it through this together.

    If you have no other choice please contact your Master/Instructor directly and they will provide a freeze option for you.

    We are doing our best to make sure that we all can survive this.

  • Our Thankful Message

    We want to begin by saying thank you for being a Champion.

    For over 30 years we have been blessed with the opportunity to do what we truly love. For us Taekwondo has been a way to help improve the quality of life for our students and the community. We have always strived to instill traditional values in our students with the belief that 1 martial arts school can make a difference. We know that when things get tough Champions never give up.  We are confident that together we can make it through anything. We cannot know when this pandemic will subside but we know we will be standing together once again.

    Thank you.




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